This page will give you a better understanding of the governance and fee earning token - sSHARE.

sSHARE is the fee earning token and governance token in the WENWEN Protocol. Users can stake their SHARE to receive sSHARE. sSHARE represents the user’s share of the protocol fee pool and also the user's vote in protocol governance.

The conversion ratio of sSHARE and SHARE will change as more fees are added to the protocol fee pool. As more protocol fees are added to the fee pool, the value of each sSHARE token will increases.

Holders of sSHARE can receive fees including:

  • 80% of Interest fee

  • 80% of Borrow fee

  • 8% of liquidation fee

  • Incomes generated by the collateral assets (coming soon)

Fees generated by the protocol will be deposited into the protocol fee pool in the form of SHARE tokens. When users stake SHARE tokens, they will receive sSHARE tokens. The sSHARE token each user receives represents their share of revenue in the fee pool, as well as governance voting rights.

Users need to stake and lock their SHARE for a minimum of 24 hours before claiming, which means every time a user stakes SHARE, it will be locked for the next 24 hours before it is available for claiming.

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